Why inSITE?

When you have the opportunity to take on an economic development project, inSITE is the partner you should turn to. Our team of experts is here to create opportunities for your community and deliver multiplying benefits through your customized development program. When you choose InSITE as your economic development partner, here’s what you can expect during the process:

Securing the Necessary Funding

Securing funding for your community development project is one of the most significant hurdles you will face during this process. State funding decisions may have negative local implications, and it is up to you to fill the gap.

How inSITE Helps

We know how to access the funding you need to make your project a reality through state government, grants, and advocacy. inSITE will take the lead in negotiations with government officials and agencies as well as the grant application process to ensure you receive maximum funding for your project.

Implementing a Development Solution

You’ll need to identify the problem your community is facing and develop a solution all while running the existing services your city needs. However, many local governments do not have the specialized skills to implement community development nor the budget to hire full time staff.

How inSITE Helps

At inSITE, we use our experience and local connections in community development to draft your unique program, identify the right solution and the corridor to it, make the necessary connections, work with agency partners, and lead the grant process the create a competitive application to the state.

Negotiating with Government Officials

You’ll need to negotiate with state and federal officials in order to receive the funding you need, but these negotiations take a specific approach as well as knowledge of how the grant and advocacy process works.

How inSITE Helps

We will use our expertise to advocate for your local government with state and federal officials when you don’t know how. This takes not only a strong inside knowledge of how governments work and the current political environment but also a keen understanding of when to push (and not push) in negotiations to maximize the value of the opportunity for your community.

The Benefits

Partner With inSITE Today

Do you have an economic development project in mind but need guidance to carry it out? Do you need development solutions that continue to deliver benefits to your organization or community for years to come? Contact inSITE today to find out how we can work together to achieve your development goals in a shorter time frame and with lower net costs.

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