Public-Private Partnerships

PPP - Projects

Public-private partnerships (3-P’s) are collaborations between public authorities and private companies to finance, build and in some cases operate or maintain an infrastructure project such as a road, school or hospital.

Increasingly, it seems the conversation about 3-P’s isn’t about whether or not it’s smart for governments to make the deals, it’s about how to best facilitate them. Working with private sector partners allows both entities to complete projects in a more timely fashion while encouraging job creation and overall economic growth.

Following are a few examples of how inSITE helps facilitate successful 3-P’s and the beneficial outcomes they have achieved:

Geauga Lake: inSITE is currently working with Bainbridge Township and the City of Aurora on several as it relates to the redevelopment of the 600+ acre former Geauga Lake Amusement Park and Wild Water Kingdom. 3-P models are a crucial part of this project and ensure the viability of a harmonious mixed-use development that involves multiple jurisdictions and developers. inSITE also spearheaded a joint venture between the city and township to create a masterplan of the entire property creating collateral to take to market. Other 3-P’s include the implementation of a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) as well as the use of tax increment financing (TIF) to support new public improvements.

Pyrotek: A privately owned manufacturing company in NE Ohio, Pyrotek hired inSITE to engage JobsOhio and the other public entities to seek incentive opportunities to support their expansion project. This project resulted in the negotiation for both a job creation tax credit from the State of Ohio as well as a CRA agreement from the City.

Dealer Tire: Besides the Cavs bringing home a title, this project is one of Cleveland’s recent success stories. inSITE assisted Dealer Tire and its 450 employees with their expansion project to keep them in Cleveland and renovate the historic Victory Center Building in Midtown. Through partnerships with the city, county and state, inSITE negotiated over $3.1 million dollars in incentives allow them to retain the existing jobs and create another 100 jobs for the community.